Good infrastructure Facility

For those who love to read and study, any place can be good to read and learn. They might argue that the space you are in does not matter, that knowledge is immaterial, that the physical context is secondary, and that what is important is to concentrate in what you are reading.

  • Comfort for students, teachers, and administrators: spaces for teachers and students, with an adequate temperature, ventilation, and lighting, with water, electricity, and Internet services, as well as sanitary services and the respective drainage of sewage waters.
  • Spaces for the development of rehearsals and practices such as libraries, and natural sciences, information technology, physics and chemistry labs.
  • Spaces for the development of talents and entertainment, sports, and culture.
  • Teacher motivation. Evidence in Bangladesh, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Peru, and Uganda indicates that teachers in schools with good infrastructure have, on average, 10 percent less absenteeism  than teachers in schools with deficient infrastructure. In fact, the study found that infrastructure had a greater effect reducing absenteeism than teacher salaries or the effect of the administrative tolerance for absences.